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R.M. of Shamrock #134

R.M. of Shamrock #134

We are located west of the 3rd meridian in southern Saskatchewan, along Highway #363. Our R.M. includes the communities of Shamrock and Kelstern. The cities that border our region are Gravelbourg to the south, Swift Current to the West and Moose Jaw to the east.

To the north of the R.M. of Shamrock is the municipality of Chaplin, along Highway #1.

Located in the Missouri Coteau Hills (brown soil zone), the district is part of the Great Western Plains. The temperature range is 31.3° Celsius, with an average precipitation of 367mm.

Our municipality is actively involved in livestock and crop production, we have a number of service industries and an attractive regional park and natural golf course. The Notekeu and Wiwa creeks, that feed into the Wood River, are within our boundaries, and are identified as an important resources for local and migrating wildlife.

The R.M of Shamrock has boundless opportunities for the business-person and nature lover alike.

Administration & Councillors

R.M. Administrator
Jody Kennedy

Reeve of R.M.
Larry Costley

Councillors (by Division Number):
Jacob Carrobourg (1)
Wayne McNeill (2)
Jeff Watson (3)
Dwayne McGregor (4)
Art Boehm (5)

RM of Shamrock Contact

Address: 134 Center St, Shamrock, SK S0H 3W0

Phone: (306) 684-3594
Fax: (306) 684-3687
Email:  [email protected]

RM of Shamrock #134